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Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

By placing human beings, and human needs, at the centre of our designs, while moving important, data-driven decision making processes onto platforms, we can deliver flexible solutions as required. Each project uses technology to gather and analyse masses of ever-changing information, influencing the ‘personality’ of the building in a uniquely compelling way.

Delivering Results

Delivering Results

These bespoke insights permit an intelligent approach to how people work together and interact with their environment, while also informing the automated control and optimisation of the building’s key performance systems.

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With members from Ireland, Spain, Italy, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Sweden and Denmark collectively, First Q Network have provided quality workplaces to various clients across various locations with differing needs.



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combined turnover of over €300 million.

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