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Project Description

S7 is the A+ class office complex, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. The concept design and the execution is based on three core values: maximizing the employee well-being, minimizing the environmental impact and serving the local communities.

MEPCO engineers were responsible for the whole MEP system design covering all of the outdoor and indoor engineering systems. Starting with the buildings’ energy concept at an early stage, carrying onto developing a preliminary design, and ending up with a detailed MEP design. All MEP systems were designed in 3D environment.

The S7 complex became the benchmark for Lithuanian real estate developers. We see the S7 as the dawn of superior standards, emphasizing sustainability and employee well-being.

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First Q Member(s)

MEPCO, Ethos & JG Ingenieros


  • Commissioning and maintenance engineering

Project Size

30,000 m2


2017 – 2018