First Q Member

Bengt Dahlgren




2017 – 2021


Hoppet is an exploratory building project that researches various processes and materials to find optimal solutions. The first step is to build a fossil-free preschool that will be ready in 2021.

The long-term goal for the City of Gothenburg is to reduce its consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions with 75% by year 2050. It’s like putting together an almost impossible jigsaw puzzle. But in close collaboration with experts, innovators, entrepreneurs and suppliers, they work together to get all the pieces into place. Creating interest and understanding of the need for fossil-free materials and methods within these target groups is important in order to inspire change.


Bengt Dahlgren have been a long time partner to the Hoppet-project and have blurred the line between research and consultancy. As one of many partners Bengt Dahlgren have had a responsibility for the materiality of the installations in the building as well as doing the overall electrical design.

Unique / Key Features

Building a fossil-free preschool are as much challenge as any fossil-free building. The close collaboration between researchers, environmental experts and our technical consultants are a key success factor for developing new fossil-free technology to apply in the building industry.