Celebrating 50 Years of Visionary Excellence: Waldhauser + Hermann's Remarkable Journey to Success

news — Oct 24, 2023

Celebrating their remarkable 50th Anniversary, Waldhauser + Hermann stand as a shining example of evolution and growth over the years. The unwavering dedication of its owners, who are deeply involved in the company's operations, exemplifies a resolute commitment to its ongoing success. This steadfastness ensures their independence and primes them for future challenges.

Guided by the visionary leadership of CEO Marco Waldhauser, supported by Roman Hermann, Stefan Waldhauser, Margot Matiz, and Mario Regis, the firm stands poised for another 50 years of extraordinary, forward-thinking, and sustainable growth. Their journey thus far is a testament to their resilience and pioneering spirit.

Warmest congratulations to Waldhauser + Hermann on this momentous occasion! Here's to an enduring legacy of success and innovation in the years ahead, from all of us at First Q.