Project Engineer for HVAC

Posted 1 year ago

Location: Belgium

City: Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, Antwerp

Minimum Qualifications: A qualification in engineering or bachelor’s degree in HVAC or equivalent in experience.

Sector: Hospitals, care, education, smart & office buildings, biotech, lab, cleanroom, large scale residential & mixed use, culture & heritage, hotels, leisure, smart city infrastructure, industry, retail & logistics, pharmaceuticals, datacentre.

Essential Experience:

  • The sparkle in your eyes shows your hunger to learn new things every day and break new ground together with your colleagues.
  • Your qualification in engineering or bachelor’s degree in electricity or equivalent in sustainable thinking and working is part of your DNA.

Key Activities

  • Calculating HVAC installations in all sorts of diverse and challenging projects.
  • Developing the concept together with your fellow engineers and CAD colleagues, with full attention to sustainable construction and rational use of energy.
  • Drawing up the specifications afterwards and taking care of the project.
  • Providing technical follow-up on site or remote, once the work has started.
  • Investigating and applying innovative techniques.

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